At Warrnambool Dental(Warrnambool Dentists), we aim to provide orthodontics that minimise the invasiveness of treatments while maximising the outcome, giving you every reason to smile.

Warrnambool Dental is well equipped to assess your child’s teeth and jaw development from a young age and to recommend and carry out techniques to address structural problems.  The sooner you have their teeth assessed for orthodontic treatment, the more effective the treatment may be.  Early diagnosis and treatment may also minimise the number of teeth requiring extraction and the overall treatment timespan. A range of effective techniques can be used and our dentist at Warrnambool Dental (Warrnambool Dentists) can advise on the best options for your child.

At Warrnambool Dental, we provide orthodontics to adults where required, particularly where it is associated with other treatments.  We are also connected with a wide group of professionals in the industry if a specialist referral is required.

“Invisible” braces
These can be a more comfortable and appealing option for those who wish to realign their teeth and achieve a better smile without obvious metal braces. One of the advantages is that they can be removed so that you can clean and floss your teeth easily and you won’t have to cut out the things you enjoy eating.  This can make orthodontic treatment a much more pleasant process!